There are multiple things that you have to consider when you want to have a new kitchen. The first element that you need to examine is whether you need to update your current kitchen or want an entirely new one. Also, you need to look at what you have, like and don’t like and what you want to remove, or keep. If the kitchen layout works, you can only change if you can see it will bring out a beautiful outlook.


You need to know that if you’re planning on moving updating your kitchen might not add value. The majority of buyers want to put their stamp on a place such that they will not want to have to change a new kitchen. In this case, making superficial changes to renew it might be the best.

 Budget kitchen ideas

If your budget is not flexible and you don’t need an entirely new kitchen, there are some simple changes that you can make such that you will be able to replace your current kitchen without much cost. These simple changes are;

– Paint your kitchen wall or door is less expensive than replacing the whole kitchen and it will significantly add color to your kitchen. You can paint by yourself as long as you follow the instruction of making the paint and applying it to the wall. Or you can visit a local for a recommended trades person to do the job.


Create a feature wall to add character to your kitchen and make a statement. You can use colorful or patterned wallpaper that is specially designed for kitchen, tiles or a distinctive splash back can work by creating a focal point.

– Update worktops and doors by ordering from builders’ merchants, local kitchen manufacturers and specialist companies to supply you new kitchen unit door and drawer fronts and worktops. Updating your kitchen worktops will be less expensive as compared to making a new one. You have a look at the modern kitchen and country kitchen galleries and borrow some ideas from there based on what you want.

– Another essential thing is lighting your kitchen. When you put some light in your kitchen especially if it’s small can change the feel of your kitchen. You can add Spotlights or light under the counter so that you acquire that modern touch. Pendants lights also are bound to bring a country touch to your kitchen.

– It is better to replace your floor if it is old to give a light lift to your kitchen. You can opt to use vinyl flooring because it is the cheapest in the market (from £10 per square meter). Natural material and wood are considered expensive if they are compared to vinyl. But if you are interested in having a vinyl floor, then see our guide for more guidelines.

Your kitchen will not be complete without fixing tiles behind the cooker or around the entire kitchen. You can also get inexpensive tile for less than £15 per square-metre. For a better design in your kitchen, use bold or colourful tiles sparingly for instance; let them run along plain white ones so that they give a beautiful look.

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